Fat Loss Success Stories

04: Macros: What They Are & Why We Track Them

October 29, 2019 Veronica Hugger & Le Bergin
Fat Loss Success Stories
04: Macros: What They Are & Why We Track Them
Show Notes

Most diets focus on counting and cutting calories. But not all calories are equal. 

Macronutrients are those nutrients required in large amounts that provide the energy needed to maintain body functions and carry out the activities of daily life. There are three macronutrients (or macros): carbohydrates, fat, and protein. (sciencelearn.org.nz) And all are needed, in the proper ratios.

On the FASTer Way, you don’t cut out an entire macronutrient, like going zero-carb or low-fat. Instead, the correct macro profile is created for you so that you eat enough of the right macros to function optimally.

Carbohydrates are an important macro because they are the body’s primary (and preferred) fuel source. But, like calories, not all carbs are equal. The complex carbs found in beans, sweet potatoes, and rice are digested more slowly than simple carbs like those in bread, sugar-sweetened drinks, and many processed foods. So not only are you getting more nutrition when eating complex carbs, you also feel fuller and more satisfied.

Same thing with fats: some are better than others. Fat is a fantastic form of fuel. Your body uses fat for protection and as a storage facility for vitamins and minerals. The FASTer Way emphasizes good fats, like those found in nuts and nut butters and coconut and avocado oils. 

Protein is an essential part of the human diet. It makes up the building blocks of organs, muscles, skin, hormones, and pretty much everything that matters in your body. Protein is found in a large variety of foods, including eggs, seafood, legumes, meats, nuts, and seeds. Regardless of the source, the protein that we eat gets broken down and re-formed into new proteins in our bodies. These proteins do everything from fighting infections to building and repairing tissues. We need protein to build muscle.

Identifying how many macros to consume is based on where you are and where you want to go. Your FASTer Way coach will help you determine the right macros for you and, if needed, adjust them as you progress. 

Therefore, tracking macros is much more beneficial than tracking calories.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss program combines macro tracking with other scientifically proven strategies to provide a plan that will lead you to fat loss and a healthier lifestyle. As part of the FASTer Way starter program, your certified coach will help you establish the right number and ratio of macros for you. Go to FatLossSuccessStories.com to sign up for the next Starter Program. 

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