Fat Loss Success Stories

08: Community & Mindset: The Greatest Difference

December 24, 2019 Veronica Hugger & Le Bergin
Fat Loss Success Stories
08: Community & Mindset: The Greatest Difference
Show Notes

Some studies show that people can live longer when they have strong social ties. When it comes to fat loss and getting into your healthiest body, community is essential. You must connect with people who share your goals, support a positive mindset, and cheer you on.

The FASTer Way provides these important elements by creating small, online, private communities lead by your coach and community managers. They make sure that everyone has a positive mindset; they encourage and provide accountability and daily support. Starting in a small group, you have your questions answered, your concerns addressed, and your victories, however small, celebrated, and perhaps most importantly, your hard work validated.

When you start the program, you will weigh yourself; then you will never have to weigh yourself again! On the FASTer Way, the focus is fat loss, not weight loss. Your measurement of success is not a number on the scale. Rather, it’s how you look, how you feel, how your clothes fit (or don’t because you’re shrinking!), and how you’re moving forward.

People come to the FASTer Way for the promise of fat loss, but they stay for community. Certified coaches and community managers encourage and provide accountability and daily support and make sure that everyone has a positive mindset within your small group. This helps you shift away from all the negative thoughts that constantly surround you by recounting all your victories – and not relying on the scale. Step by step, these important non-scale victories enforce the mindset of progress over perfection.

Topics discussed:

  • Virtual community
  • Accountability
  • The “Secret Language”
  • Women supporting women
  • Invitation to education
  • Eating enough is the first step
  • No end to this journey; always moving forward
  • Peaks & valleys; you’re never alone
  • Listen to your own body
  • What is your measurement of success?
  • The “whys” change
  • Non-scale victories
  • Progress over perfection

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