Fat Loss Success Stories

10: Does It Matter? with Le and Me

January 21, 2020 Veronica Hugger & Le Bergin
Fat Loss Success Stories
10: Does It Matter? with Le and Me
Show Notes

Le Bergin now is a head trainer for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. But before joining founder Amanda Tress and the team in Florida, she was my coach and guided me through my FASTer Way starter program. But I’ve known Le since 2010. She and her husband own Urban Fitness, my hometown gym in Galveston Texas, I've been in her HIIT kick classes for years. She is known in the community for her compassion, strength, and motivation and positivity. Her goal in life is to help people, and now as a faster way head trainer she is living her dream job. But like most people, she and I struggled with weight and other health issues, especially questioning what proper nutrition was and trying to find the way to exercise effectively and most efficiently.

Before she moved to Florida, Le and I were able to open up and share our stories of struggle, learn how and why we each decided to try the FASTer Way, and how now we are more in control of our health.

Le and I also discuss:

  • The importance of spousal support
  • Testing the Keto Diet: it doesn’t work long-term!
  • Trying to sabotage the FASTer Way 
  • Almost giving up after years of deprivation
  • No apprehension because of the sound programming of the FASTer Way  
  • Adapting the family
  • Going dairy-free
  • Identifying trigger foods
  • Never going back, being single-focused
  • Learn how to eat first
  • A-ha moments require a proper mindset vs. FOMO
  • Measuring your food is important and becomes intuitive 
  • Oura ring 
  • Learning new foods
  • Seven common inflammatory foods; identifying by detox and offering solutions
  • Bridge to a lifestyle 
  • Resetting the gut biome takes time
  • Food freedom
  • Measurements of success

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