Fat Loss Success Stories

11: Choose Happy with Jen Armstrong

February 04, 2020 Veronica Hugger & Jen Armstrong
Fat Loss Success Stories
11: Choose Happy with Jen Armstrong
Show Notes

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Jen Armstrong is 44 and served our country in the Navy and now is a successful professional as a wastewater engineer in S. Charleston, West Virginia. She and her husband, also an engineer, have two beautiful and active daughters, age 9 and 13 who keep Jen very busy.

I found Jen on Twitter, where every day she posts a handwritten list of that day’s workout She’s checked off each exercise and happily stamped the word "Done" across the photo!

Once an avid runner, Jen endured back injuries and three back surgeries which put her on the weight gain loop. She’s tried many weight loss programs, including the big name plans, but when it came to choosing what works, what makes her healthy and happy, the decision was easy once she found it. So much so that she threw away her bathroom scale. Jen tells us why the FASTer Way is her choice, not just for fat loss, but also for true health.

Podcasts Jen recommends:

Game Changers with Molly Fletcher
Positive University with John Gordon 

Any Disney podcast to help her plan her annual trips with her daughters!

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