Fat Loss Success Stories

12: Graced Health with Amy Connell

February 18, 2020 Veronica Hugger & Amy Connell
Fat Loss Success Stories
12: Graced Health with Amy Connell
Show Notes

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Amy Connell is 45 and married with two teenage boys living in Houston, TX. She been a personal trainer for 15 years and hosts the podcast Graced Heath. Through her podcast and blog, she fulfills her mission to encourage women to strive for balanced, sustainable health.

At the time of our interview, Amy was in the final week of the FASTer Way 6-week starter program. The Starter Program is like a nutrition and fitness boot camp. It’s how you learn the strategies that make the FASTer Way work and put them into practice with the guidance and one-on-one support of a certified coach. It’s how you learn the importance of non-scale victories and the FASTer Way mantra: progress over perfection

So why would a personal trainer like Amy want to join such a program? As she explains, she has adjusted her workouts to correspond with her age, but she wanted to know how to feed her changing and active body the nutrients it needs.

Amy is being proactive about her health and she’s found that the FASTer Way gives her what she’s looking for: a sustainable nutrition and fitness approach that offers the grace she needs to fulfill her health goals.

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