Fat Loss Success Stories

14: Keep Moving with Sabina Montemayor

July 18, 2020 Veronica Hugger & Sabina Montemayor
Fat Loss Success Stories
14: Keep Moving with Sabina Montemayor
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Mobility is the joy of moving freely and easily. Healthy muscles, bones and joints allow us to perform all types of movements. Regular exercise, meaning a planned, structured and repetitive form of physical activity like weight training, is an easy way to increase your mobility and prevent falls.

So, the story in this episode focuses on mobility, because, when it comes to mobility, it’s "use it or lose it". And the FASTer Way provides strategic exercises for all levels with mobility and strength in mind so you can keep moving.

Topping at 293 pounds, Sabina Montemayor underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost 100 pounds. But because of her lack of knowledge of good nutrition and proper exercise, she quickly gained back half of what she lost. She joined the FASTer Way and worked with certified coach Le Bergin to learn a new way of eating and to incorporate regular exercise. 

Now Sabina works out regularly and continues to eat the foods that are good for her…with the occasional margarita! And she is seeing a change in her body that’s beyond her size – it’s also improvement in her mobility and balance so she can enjoy her retirement – and new husband – for years to come.

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