Fat Loss Success Stories

13: Hot Flashes Cool Topics: Nutrition & Fitness in Midlife

July 09, 2020 Veronica Hugger
Fat Loss Success Stories
13: Hot Flashes Cool Topics: Nutrition & Fitness in Midlife
Show Notes

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This episode is special because I'm sharing an interview I gave on Hot Flashes Cool Topics, a podcast hosted by two fun and brave friends from Tennessee.

Colleen and Bridget are changing the narrative about menopause and creating positive messages for women so we can enjoy this time of life and the freedom gained, not lost, from entering midlife. 

The "midlife middle" is one menopausal symptom gained we can all do without. Why can’t we control our bodies during menopause? We can if we are educated and proactive.

Through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss 6-week program, I learned about proper nutrition and efficient exercise that helped me lose that midlife middle and gain strength and energy.

The FASTer Way teaches you to listen to your body and respond proactively. It’s about learning what's best for your body and being able to make the right choices when it comes to food and exercise and rest. It puts you back in control of your body, and that’s powerful. 

Recently I was honored to be a guest on the podcast Hot Flashes Cool Topics to talk about the importance of nutrition and exercise during menopause. And this episode is a rebroadcast of that interview.

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